Ensuring sustainable, safer cities and inclusive communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Ensuring sustainable, safer cities and inclusive communities

As the world becomes increasingly urbanised, the need for sustainable cities and communities grows ever greater. In 2009, the total number of people living in urban areas surpassed that of rural dwellers for the first time. About 55% of the global population currently lives in cities, with this proportion expected to increase to 68% by 2050. In the context of sustainable development, increased urbanisation rates present challenges and opportunities alike. Urbanisation may aggravate inequality and exclusion or create negative environmental impacts – but it can also foster innovation, economic growth, and more efficient land use.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG) focuses on ensuring that the positive outcomes of urbanisation outweigh the negative, by encouraging more sustainable infrastructure, promoting inclusion and ensuring that cities (and their citizens) are both safe and secure. Products from the mining and minerals sector have a great part to play in the technological solutions necessary for achieving these aims.

Promoting inclusion

Everyone has a right to fully participate in economic, political and cultural life, access essential services, and live without fear of violence or discrimination.

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Safer cities

Innovative methods to tackle the many different forms of threats to human safety and security in cities, to create safer, more resilient urban spaces for all.

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Sustainable infrastructure

The urgent need for resilient, sustainable urban environments which can  reduce the risks imposed by climate change and cope with growing populations.

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“The world’s population is constantly increasing. To accommodate everyone, we need to build modern, sustainable cities. For all of us to survive and prosper, we need new, intelligent urban planning that creates safe, affordable and resilient cities with green and culturally inspiring living conditions.”

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