Making a positive contribution to sustainable development

The Value of Minerals and Metals

Contribution to sustainable development

Metals and minerals are essential to almost all aspects of life; they enable farming, healthcare, communications, water and energy supply, transport, space technology, and the construction of our cities. And they will arguably become more important as they will help to deliver pathways for a greener, safer and more sustainable future.

In collaboration with academic researchers, we explore how metals and minerals are helping to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the application of proven and emerging technologies. Comprising 169 targets, and even more indicators, the SDGs seek to address a wide variety of interrelated development issues.

This research aims to enhance our understanding of the essential contribution that metals and minerals make to addressing critical development challenges. It uses a matrix approach to identify technology solutions spread across simple and complex; proven and emerging technologies; relevance in high, middle and low-income countries as well as urban and rural contexts.

“The critical importance of metals and minerals to modern living and the achievement of many of the Sustainable Development Goals is increasingly recognised, as is the imperative that they be responsibly produced.”

Aidan Davy, ICMM